Real Estate Investments

NAAAS For Real-estate Investment is a Qatari company that works within a leading group in various areas of real-estate projects development and management as well as its supporting services. We work as per a strategic vision, firmly anchored in our mind and sight, that our client has the right to acquire greatest value of projects we market for. We do that in cooperation with an integrated teamwork who aim at client`s satisfaction and high standard performance. Additionally, we provide our clients with many substantial and numerous investment opportunities with reliable guarantees inside and outside Qatar, through our wide business and investment network acquired by time


Inspire, Growth, Honesty, Professionalism, Commitment to excellence.


Our objective is to be a profitable leader in commercial, retail and residential real estate. We will serve our customers’ needs and will consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions.


To make extraordinary impact on the world through the business of real estate. We raise the bar through making a difference in lives of people we serve by meeting their expectations, acting with integrity and building life-long relationships that lead to constant referrals and repeat business.

Our Services

  • Providing unique and profitable investment opportunities
  • Providing required consultations in investment.
  • Making market study and important project feasibility studies.
  • Managing investment portfolios and funds
  • Providing partners and financers with investment projects.
  • Providing professional solutions and supporting services.
  • Assets management.


Qatar economy is one of the highest and fastest-growing economies locally and globally. Qatar has a unique investment climate due to several advantages, law and legislation, which encourage investment, added to the economic policies which encourage local and foreign investments, through incentives provided offered to investors such as decreasing cost of electricity, water and natural gas fees, as well as decreasing cost of industrial lands.
Meanwhile, the Government has implemented a grand plan to develop Qatar`s infrastructure, established large developmental projects in transport, ports and airports, and injecting numerous investments in real estate sector which witnessed a large growth in the preceding years. Thus, real-estate sector has been ranked second, following to the oil and gas, in the Qatar`s economic pillars the matter that motivated it to occupy the second rank as one of the economic basis in the State after the oil and gas. Qatar`s real estate sector is untroubled and this is a distinctive quality for those who want to invest their funds nowadays particularly that the real-estate sector is projected to rise up over the next two years.


Naaas For Real Estate Investment proved its strong and stable standing in local market through providing large number of real-estate services that made it one of the leading real-estate companies in Qatar`s real-estate sector. As a result of that Naaas For Real Estate Investment has gained its clients` confidence who desire investing in real estate.
Naaas For Real Estate Investment provides several real estate services such as sale, hiring, management services, development consultations, projects implementation, and real estate solutions with affordable rates, to mention but a few. As Naaas Real Estate Investment is keen to recruit qualified and skilled staff to obtain all approvals, develop all planning, issue all licenses and necessary permits as well as cooperating with its partners to implement high professional construction works, with meeting handover date and cost allocated.
Naaas For Real Estate Investment has participated and helped in establishing number of the national real-estate companies, through sharing its experience with clients in order to unleash their potentials from developing ideas to the execution of the same, by optimal mixing the modern techniques with the traditional ones.