Our Services

We strive to achieve excellence in all services we provide. We contribute significantly in terms of providing business multi-solution services to meet demands of major contractors and corporate as per international standards.

Real Estate Investment

NAAAS For Real-estate Investment is a Qatari company that works within a leading group in various areas of real-estate projects development and management as well as its supporting services. We work as per a strategic vision, firmly anchored in our mind and sight, that our client has the right to acquire greatest value of projects we market for. We do that in cooperation with an integrated teamwork who aim at client`s satisfaction and high standard performance. Additionally, we provide our clients with many substantial and numerous investment opportunities with reliable guarantees inside and outside Qatar, through our wide business and investment network acquired by time.

Industrial Investment

NAAAS For Industrial Investment is a limited liability Qatari company that works in fields of agriculture investment and provides its clients with proper investment opportunities through common projects. Additionally, it provides entrepreneurs and companies in the State of Qatar with consultation and support with a view to building bridges, aiming at providing real opportunities to invest in various industrial aspects.

Agricultural Investment

NAAAS For Agricultural Investment is a Qatari company L.L.C, specialized in agriculture investment and investment solutions in various agricultural fields. We are committed to produce agricultural solutions, provide consultations & support entrepreneurs and companies in the State of Qatar aiming at cooperating with peoples in different fields all over the world.

Facility Management

Our aim as a facilities management company is to ensure the integration of people, technology and systems to provide a reliable support system and this principle is the pillar of our foundation. NAAAS GROUP is a results-driven company committed to lead the regional facilities management (FM). We plan to achieve this feat by delivering an experience to our clients that goes beyond services. We are driven by technology and sustainability to offer the right solutions to clients. We are known for our professionalism and our reliable services across QATAR and for our excellence in all aspects of facilities management.