NAAAS Agricultural Consulting & Greenhouse is an expert agricultural consultancy and greenhouse supplier specialized in supporting and scaling local agricultural enterprises. An accomplished team of industry experts provide agri-businesses with advanced-tech supplies, integrated consultancy services, end-to-end greenhouse management services as well as livestock and aquaculture workshops. NAAAS AGRO’s vision involves supporting Qatari start-ups and working diligently to increase domestic agriculture and fish-farming production. Additionally, NAAAS AGRO seeks to spread awareness on the use of biological pest control –an effective alternative to chemical pesticides— and other advanced technologies; all in keeping with the most reliable and eco-friendly industry practices.



Our vision is to be the most sought after provider of integrated logistic services in Qatar that continues to remain a key partner for our clients’ by means of continuous innovation and excellent delivery.


to be a sustainable agricultural and food products provider and partner, ensuring supply sufficiency, high quality of farming and production operations, affordability of logistical distribution, protection and preservation of the environment and natural resources

Our Services

  • We organize various agricultural training and workshops on advanced technologies that help investors, farmers and industry employees learn about efficient greenhouse management processes and how to grow a variety of crop throughout the four-seasons.

  • In partnership with trusted partners of the most reputable international companies in greenhousefarming, we supply and install commercial greenhouses for local agri-businesses.

  • Specialists in greenhouse farming and hydroponics are on the front-lines of all our services
    NAAAS AGRO deals with reputable international laboratories that specialize in bio-agricultural pest-control.

  • Our expert consultants have years of practical experience in investment, trade and food marketing

  • We provide superior laboratory analyses for soil, water and produce samples as well as solutions for the desalination of irrigation water.

  • We prepare production estimation and assist with farm-to-fork marketing.