Industrial Investments

Naaas For Industrial Investment is a limited liability Qatari company that works in fields of agriculture investment and provides its clients with proper investment opportunities through common projects. Additionally, it provides entrepreneurs and companies in the State of Qatar with consultation and support with a view to building bridges, aiming at providing real opportunities to invest in various industrial aspects.


Raising level of common interest, Environmentalism, Focus on impact, Dependability, Sustainability, Commitment, Diversity.


To be the leading company in the supporting and promoting industrial food sufficiency process in the State of Qatar.


Providing fundamental needs of food and drugs in the State of Qatar as well as bringing up investment opportunities in industrial field.

Our Services

  • Bringing up proper investment opportunities
  • Developing investment plans as per data provided by investors.
  • Conducting elementary and comprehensive feasibility studies.
  • Providing investment solutions such as freight, storage and linking importers with exporters
  • Installation and maintenance of plastic and glass greenhouses.
  • Qualifying firms and companies wishing to invest in industrial investment.
  • Supervising execution of projects.


The digital revolution played a prominent role in translating and reflecting the concept of the one global village, as policies of most countries went in line with the requirement of such new global system. Thus, it encouraged the supporting policy to private sector. These policies demonstrate industrial investment and applied free-market laws. The industrial investment in Qatar is estimated to $68 billion as the foreign investment represents 52% thereof, whereas the state betted on industrial investment through adopting Industry Development Strategy (2017-2022) aiming at establishing new industrial and logistic zones able to attract the investors; with a view to achieving the

self-sufficiency, establishing self-reliance and encouraging the domestic products. The State of Qatar has recently announced 250 investment opportunities in industrial sector, covering eight main sectors as follows:
Food Manufacture | Paper Manufacture | Medical Manufacture | Electrical Manufacture | Machinery and Vehicles Manufacture | Rubber and Plastics Manufacture | Mineral Manufacture.
It also provided package of substantial facilities such as facilitating the process of obtaining industrial and environmental licensing, adopting slogan of "Own a Factory in Qatar Within 72 Hours", granting lands, providing electricity at a nominal prices, exempting from taxes and custom fees, providing essential services to establish industrial projects and other, aiming to reduce production costs.


NAAAS For Industrial Investment puts its wide experience, gained through experienced experts, at its clients’ disposal, supports and associates with small and medium companies and logistic projects that work on diversifying the national economy and enhance competitively in private sector. NAAAS For Industrial Investment will work through its good relationship with the both Private and Public sectors to update its clients with investment opportunities and overcoming all difficulties that may confront them in order to get involved in the market with high competitive national products.