Our Vision

To be a leading company in the field of Real Estate Investment & Development through significant  contribution in the economic development and supporting Real Estate Investment to achieve Qatar vision 2030.

Our Mission

  • Providing best investment and services in the field of local and international real estate through successful and distinctive opportunities for real estate investment.
  • Supporting and developing Real Estate Market locally and internationally through international vision.
  • Achieving our clients aspirations with a full commitment to quality, excellence in price, facilities and after-sales service standards.
  • Commitment and credibility in all our dealings.

Our Services

  • Guide investors and developers to places of real estate booming and growth for local demand in Qatari Real Estate Market.
  • Searching for appropriate land where developers intend to establish projects.
  • Detailed Feasibility Study for real estate projects and providing best ideas for the projects compatible with Qatari market, achieving better profits for developers and real estate investors.
  • Participating with investors in real estate sector and link them to the best reliable real estate companies in Qatar to carry out constructions.
  • Marketing real estate projects, and providing our clients with extensive database in real estate market.
  • Providing the best services in the field of real estate investment, and our advice to all those interested in purchasing real estate or international investment.
  • Providing opportunities for external real estate investment on behalf of others.

Company Value

Residential Projects

Aimed to launch distinctive real estate projects by providing a large number of condominiums of various types for the purpose of lease.

Real Estate Investment Division

Aimed to study real estate investment opportunities and participating in local and foreign property portfolios.

Real Estate Development Division

Aimed to study real estate projects, development and supervision of all implementation and handover phases.

Trading Division

Aimed to study property offered in real estate market to buy and sell property and property assets.

Property Management Division (Leasing)

Aimed to Market real estate projects, provide leasing and re-leasing, collection services, maintenance and operation services for all facilities.

What We Offer to Our Clients

  • Managing and Developing Local and Foreign Projects.

  • Managing and Marketing Commercial and Residential Buildings.

  • Management of Complexes and Commercial Zones.

  • Developing Financial Returns.

  • Previewing Buildings and Evaluating Current Situations.

  • Leasing and Contracting Management.

  • Property Sale and Lease Brokerage.

  • Planning Maintenance Operations.

  • Evaluating Contractors.

  • Cleaning Services.

  • Security Services.

  • Consulting.

  • Health and Safety Experts (HSE).

  • Marketing and Advertising Services.