Asian City

  • Asian City is designed and developed to strategically meet the vision of Qatar 2022 World Cup assuring better living conditions for the workforce
    by complying with all rules and regulations set by the State and other Authorities.
  • To that end, Asian City is an approved Civil Defense property, ready for occupancy and available for lease to both Private and Government entities.
  • Asian City is conveniently located in Mesaimeer, a short drive to all major project destinations in the country.
  • Total capacity of the Asian City is approximately 68,000 residents, which includes both workers and staff. We offer a variety of excellent facilities including open spaces, gardens, Gyms and recreation areas,
    thereby creating pleasing environment and positive outlook that, we believe, results in a happier and a more productive workforce.

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Building Layout

Building components:

  • Each building has a total of 312 rooms.
  • Each building consists of two blocks (A+B) 156 rooms in each block (G+2).
  • Each floor in a block has 52 rooms with separate showers, toilets
    and designated service areas for catering and laundry services,
    as well as CCTV control room for 24/7 surveillance.

Building Indoor Facilities

Buildings in the Asian City were designed to have assigned service areas, with
each floor has 2 corridors with 26 rooms each with duplicate sizes with a 24 m 2
room size, providing a relaxing 6m 2 per person.

The floor\’s back side area is designed
especially for the service area were residents can join their colleagues to
have food in the mess hall and submit their clothes into the laundry facility.

6*4 M 2 room size aimed to provide ample space for the residents to enjoy their
stay in comfort. Separate showers, toilets, and washbasins available both sides
of each corridor in the building.

Indoor Facilities


6 X 4 m2 Rooms


Separate Showers and Toilets.


Separate Mess hall on Each Floor.


Health and Recreation Facilities.

Fire System

Civil Defense Approved System.

Laundry Room

All Type of Laundry Services
Available for Staff and Workers.

Outdoor Facility

Asian City is a Government-Approved bachelor accommodation that provides
a high- class residential facility that offers all
the required amenities and social
care to the work force community in the state of Qatar.

Commercial, recreational, religious, health and Security facilities are all available
in the Asian City to optimize Our residents\’ requirements.

Asian City is by far, considered as the best bachelor accommodation in GCC.

Distinctive location with unique facilities set up specifically to provide
workers with comfortable living conditions .

We provide an integrated community committed to creating high standards of
living conditions for our residents.

We do understand the science behind creating a harmonious environment in
which residents feel valued.

We invest in the philosophy of happiness and productivity, and provide residents
with holistic facilities and benefits that have positive influence
on their
physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health in this discrete


24/7 Ambulance service


3 Large Mosques with a
Capacity of 10,000 People

Grand Mall

Commercial Mall with all
Retail Shops and Currency Exchange

Green Area

Green Open Areas


Health Care Center

Recreation Facilities

We believe that our residents should relax and enjoy their time while staying with us, so that they may perform better at work and feel more healthy and content.

All types of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities are available in the Asian City, to keep our residents happy and entertained.

We really do care for health and wellbeing of our residents, therefore we regularly work to conduct various, cultural and sporting events to keep residents engaged and healthy.

Property and Facility Management


We focus on delivering unparalleled
standards. In our maintenance division,
we assure smooth operation and high
security for operators,
through our eco-friendly procedures.
All run by professional and competent

Stemming from our core values, at the Asian City, we use the latest facility management
software and techniques to manage our assets and to maintain comprehensive maintenance
plans that meet our goals.

Due to efficiency and attention to details, we yield better results, managing and overlooking
a wide scope of facility management services.


As a market-leader in providing cleaning services, we have a recorded history
of successfully introducing industry best-practice and methods, continuous
improvement and cost saving programs for our clients across multiple sectors
in the local market. We have particular expertise in delivering cleaning projects
which are technically challenging.

We are recognized as experts in labor community villages and cities with different
capacities of population where some of our projects could reach 68,000 residents
in a total space of 1.1 Million SQM space, as it is the case of our current project:
the Asian City of Mesaimeer Area, State of Qatar.

Comprehensive Solutions:

As a leading provider of cleaning and
waste management services,
we provide a wide range of services,
our offers Include:

  • Industrial and Commercial Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Pest control
  • Waste Management

Delivering our Services:

All our Cleaning operations are carried out by our well-trained and motivated cleaners
under the management and supervision of our well-experienced and highly professional

We maintain the flexibility to respond quickly to our clients\’ needs. We self-deliver our
cleaning services. Which enables us to ramp up or scale back our solutions,
as required, with speed and efficiency.


As the Asian City, we are committed to taking care of our residents.
We have innovative and forward-thinking security strategies managed by
efficient Management teams.

Our highly-trained Security and Consultancy Teams are led by experts in their
respective fields, we are all working together as one entity in order to achieve
our objective.

Comprehensive Solutions:

We pride ourselves on providing a full range of security management
services and are dedicated to continually improving in order to reach the
highest standards of integrity and excellence at every level.

We mandate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, CCTV and rotational surveillance
systems covering all buildings indoor units, and common areas.
Our Designated security guards and patrol all gates, and maintain a frequently
Updated visitors\’ logbook, and register all vehicles, entering & exiting the premises
around the clock.


Health and well-being of our residents exist at the heart of our mission
and vision. Professional operators are catering to our residents with all
their nutrition on a daily basis in the mess hall.

At Asian City, we serve delicious meals using fresh high-quality
ingredients prepared by qualified international chefs, our menus
are created based on understanding of the respective cuisines of
different nationalities and cultures.

Our buildings are designed to have a separate modern mess hall facility,
to providing more than just high-quality meals, but ensure that they will
enjoy their meals in a social atmosphere with their co-workers.


a leader in managing the biggest workers\’ community in the State
of Qatar, Naaas Group is always ready to provide a wide range
of transportation services to their residents – from all staff categories
and workers – to different locations and destinations around the clock.

Our services include special cultural and entertainment tours for our residents
as per the program assigned by their companies, we work hand in hand with their
companies to assure relaxation during the weekend and holidays.


offer accessible, 24/7 laundry service of all categories
to all workers, we manage with different options of how
to wash their clothes and uniforms. This of course, is to
maintain worker comfort and cleanliness at all times.