Agriculture Investments

NAAAS for Agriculture Investment is a Qatari company, specialized in Agriculture Investment and unparalleled opportunities of investment in various fields of agriculture, livestock and fisheries through joint ventures. We are committed to provide optimal agricultural solutions, consultations & technical support to entrepreneurs and companies in the State of Qatar, aimed at demonstrating effective cooperation in various fields worldwide.


Raising awareness of agriculture, Promoting food security & Self-Sufficiency, Coming up with the best agricultural produce.


To be the leading solutions & services provider to agricultural ventures, aimed at achieving security and self-sufficiency of food in the State of Qatar.


Providing the basic agricultural products and bringing out Agricultural Investment opportunities in the State of Qatar.

Our Services

  • Proposing a set of studied agricultural ventures.
  • Developing plans and studying the lands allocated for agriculture & hydroponics.
  • Conducting elementary and integrated feasibility studies for ventures.
  • Providing investment services such as freight, storage and linking importers with exporters.
  • Installation and maintenance of plastic and glass greenhouses.
  • Building up greenhouses and hydroponic gardening
  • Qualifying the institutions and companies, which are interested to invest in agriculture.
  • Supervising implementation of ventures from A to Z.
  • Providing investment solutions in agriculture as per the highest international standards.
  • Developing plans and studying the lands allocated for agriculture and possibility of hydroponics.


Agricultural Investment is the principal motivation for sustainable agricultural development through which the food security can be achieved. There is no doubt that the world population rise to 7 billion, climate changes, and energy research development with a view to obtaining oil alternatives will certainly affect food fortunes worldly. Although of its natural resources abundance, the Arab World farms could not meet the pressing food demands; causing a widening food gab which is estimated by $35 billion.
Opportunities of Agriculture Investment in Qatar:

The State of Qatar aims to achieve self-sufficiency in food by 2030 through development of agricultural sector by facilitating administrative procedures and encouraging partnership with the private sector. It has planned for establishing 1500 new farms in addition to announcing its ambitious project in respect of the Integrated Agricultural City.
In this regard, Qatar`s strategy relies on smart and precise agricultural methods which take the climate and carbon balance into account. The said methods rely on technology to increase and improve agricultural & livestock production as they encourage conducting agricultural researches to overcome current obstacles such as lack of arable land, saline water, hot weather and humidity, etc.
There is no doubt that ongoing development of the infrastructure plans in Qatar will encourage businessmen and financers to invest in the agricultural sector, particularly with the large facilities offered and opportunities announced by the State.
Moreover, Qatar places great emphasis on bilateral cooperation-oriented relationships, sharing experiences in marketing, financing, and tenancy of foreign farmlands, aiming to meet the increasing domestic demands of food.

Our Strategy

NAAAS Agriculture Investment`s strategy aims to formulate an investment policy that motivates and enable private sector companies to avail various natural resources in Qatar through proposing shortcut solutions for rapid productivity that meets the increasing needs of consumers.
Our company focuses on working with institutional private sector, which is experienced in project management in terms of technical, financial and marketing aspects. The company possesses a list of promising opportunities in agriculture investment sector and strongly counts on businessmen & investors to consider their possible contribution in the study and execution of projects as cultivating vegetables & fruits, producing vegetable oil, meats & dairy products, poultry, fish, feed & seeds, preserved food and sweets, to name but a few.
Further, the company offers a variety of services, aimed at overcoming difficulties that confront investors. It also provides consultative and logistic support in all fields related to the agriculture sector in order to promote it, ensure food security & safety that are guided by scientific principles and adhering to with the global standards together with preserving the cultural heritage and the bio-diversity of Qatar.


Economic projections indicate to continuous high prices of agricultural products, which enable investors to achieve good revenues unlike profits achieved through investment in traditional assets and securities.