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Welcome to Naaas Group

Naaas Group For Real Estate Project Management and Development is a Qatari company, prosperously growing in the field of Integrated Property and Facility Management Services and Business Solutions.

We are a renowned company with an excellent track-record for achieving client satisfaction by never compromising on the quality of our services.

At Naaas Group we focus on leading the market by customizing integrated business packages as per our client's request and maintaining he highest levels of quality and standards.

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Asian City Project

Asian City was designed to accommodate a growing workforce, and to guarantee a comfortable, community-centred and welcoming stay. The city is a Civil Defence approved property and gated community...

Smart Greenhouse

Across the world, citizens are worried about the consequences of industrial agriculture: soil depletion, loss of biodiversity, transportation, excessive pollution and nitrification of swamplands, pollinator decline, food...

Urban Furnitures

The elegance of Asbeton products comes from the near natural appearance because of the quality of materials. We offer our products with different colors and textures. Our high qualitity concrete are treated by impregnating...



We strive to be sustainable, organized and as Hi-tech in a streamlined manner.

Team Work

We are one team with one mission and vision.


We carry out business with honesty, consistency, and dignity.


Mr. Nasser Hassan Al-Jaber - CEO

We strive to achieve excellence in all services we provide. We contribute significantly in terms of providing business multi-solution services to meet demands of major contractors and corporate as per international standards.
We draw up strategies and outline plans that may enhance our business relationships, and pave the way for future development in line with Qatar vision.

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